The Weatherman Lifestyle

Weatherman Umbrellas hit the market in 2017 with a mission: to create an umbrella that lasts, becomes part of your daily routine and most importantly, serves as your adventure protection plan. We aim to empower you to get outside and enjoy what matters most – no matter the weather forecast.

The Backstory

Weatherman was founded by Rick Reichmuth, a nationally recognized TV meteorologist with extensive experience covering extreme weather events. Faced with the challenge of finding a dependable umbrella that actually protects individuals from the rain–a challenge we’re all familiar with–Rick was shocked by such an obvious shortfall in an industry that’s been around so long. He was deeply moved to utilize his unique expertise to bridge the gap.

At Weatherman, we merge the worlds of engineering and design to revolutionize an industry that had settled for subpar quality. Through meticulous innovation, we take pride in being the trusted brand for reliable, premium umbrellas that won’t fall apart when you need them most. Weatherman is there for you as a brand you can trust to offer complete protection and enhance various aspects of life.

Lifetime Warranty

Driven by our commitment to sustainability and our alternative approach to consumption, we aim to develop products that withstand the test of time–just as powerfully as they do harsh weather conditions. Proper care paired with our Lifetime Warranty enables customers to maintain the longevity of our umbrellas, so that they can enjoy Weatherman reliability and protection for years to come.

Key Umbrella Features

our dedication to innovation

At Weatherman, we take pride in our aptitude for bringing new ideas to the forefront of an industry that has been around for hundreds–or even thousands–of years. Everything we do is rooted in thorough research and development processes to ensure our products are ahead of the curve.

your safety first

From the materials we source to our manufacturing practices, our team is committed to working in a manner that does right by our beautiful planet and all of its inhabitants. As a brand that is especially influenced by Mother Nature, our respect for the environment runs deep and helps shape our business principles.