Introducing the Eco-friendly & Non-waste Recovered Collection

With the start of a new season comes a new collection, and this one has us over the rainbow with excitement. Introducing the eco-conscious Recovered Collection. In our unwavering commitment to sustainability, we've repurposed unused fabric to craft our first-ever tricolor umbrellas.

Our Recovered Collection isn't simply about the aesthetic appeal and sustainability focus—it's a testament to Weatherman's commitment to superior quality and functionality. Each umbrella is crafted with precision, featuring our top-rated weatherproof fabric that provides unparalleled protection against any storm. What's more, the choice of audacious color combinations is a reflection of our commitment to making a statement, without compromising on practicality or style.

With the Recovered Collection, you can stay dry and make a positive contribution to the environment simultaneously. Read on to learn more! 

The Inspo Behind the Combo

The Recovered Collection is a colorful and sustainable range of umbrellas that come in three bold color combinations crafted with unused fabric of our top-selling hues. The Idyllwild Umbrella is a combination of our Ochre and Sage Umbrellas. The name draws inspiration from the tranquility of the charming California town, inviting you to channel the peaceful serenity of a misty morning among the mountains. 

A combination of our popular Navy Blue and Black Umbrellas, the Orion Umbrella is perfect for those with a taste for a classic, elegant look. Embodying the elegant shades of a clear night sky, brilliantly speckled with the stars of the constellations. 

Lastly, the Horizon Umbrella uses fabric of our Lilac and Burgundy Umbrellas. With a splash of orange, this color combination captures the beauty and power of a sunset painted across the horizon. 

Sustainability, Durability & Warranty 

Among the reasons to love our eco-conscious collection are two main factors: sustainability and durability. Not only is the entire collection sustainably made to reduce waste and enhance eco-friendliness, but they are built to endure lifetime use and intense weather conditions. Plus, the Recovered Collection comes with a lifetime warranty guaranteeing lasting use.

The Recovered Collection is perfect for those who want to celebrate earth-conscious practices and look stylish at the same time. They’re an amazing way to keep the environment in mind even on the wettest of days! Shop the new collection today.